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NatecData works with organisations which are looking to make the most out of the data the company collects and offers data exploration services.

VTT provides and integrates multi technical disciplines within communication infrastructures –broad spectrum of industry, commerce and public access networks

Oceans Private School is based on the values of commitment, innovation, responsibility, professionalism & respect.

VTT Marketplace is an online eCommerce platform where sellers from all across the world meet buyers for various products. 

Pitter Patter Day School takes great care of your child in a safe, secure, loving environment. They are Malawi’s first day nursery offering a British syllabus.

VTT Gel Fuels is a Level 1 BBBEE Johannesburg based company that manufactures and supplies chafing fuel gel for the catering, restaurant and hotel industry.

Onicatrix is offers Information technology services where they ensure the client gets maximum value for their money.

Onicatrix Solutions focuses on unlocking the business potential using intelligent solutions and technology. The team of professionals delivers quality value. 

Hadadezer Connections is a standard general hardware store that offers paint, material and advice to tackle any home repair and maintenance.

DomesticWork‘s aim is to create a platform where domestic workers seeking for employment can easily find a job.

Yananiso is a Shona name that means ”binding the family together.” The Company’s aim is to provide reliable simplified solutions to all their clients.

S.E General Services, specializes in Plumbing, House Renovations, Geyser maintenance, Swimming Pool maintenance.

Home Center offers a platform for Handyman Services to all homes and offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Roodepoort and surrounding areas. 

VTT Import & Export will get your goods imported or exported from around the world to South Africa and from South Africa to the World.

Bush TV is an online TV channel aimed at creating an alternative platform to promote the country’s creative industries.

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